Hello!  I’m David James, Founder and President of KingdomRock Financial.  Our Mission is simple – Helping businesses, individuals and families become financially and operationally successful as quickly and efficiently as possible by providing CFO services to Companies and CPA services to individuals  and families.  We emphasize value, relationships and service.

Here’s a short bio which hopefully will serve as a simple introduction to what I can do for you or your Company:

David is a CPA, Senior CEO/CFO Executive, consultant & leader with nearly 30 years of proven success at all business levels, ranging from Big 4 public accounting, successful start up/entrepreneurial ventures and a $2 billion corporation.  He is an entrepreneur in his own right as well as a resourceful, knowledgeable & creative and partner/adviser to start-up and established companies and turnarounds.  He has extensive technology, software, internet, service and manufacturing (across numerous industries) experience, as well as expansive familiarity with banking, real estate, CPA firms, construction, chemical, lighting, promotional products, engineering, non-profit, ministry, church and music markets, encompassing all aspects of strategy, capital, cash flow, sales, sales teams, IP, M&A, finance, HR, compensation/incentive plans, marketing, distribution, supply chain, tax and product/software development.  He is also an expert in individual/family budget/life planning as well as tax planning and tax return preparation.

David’s heart has always been in service and of all the business capacities in which he has served, being an interim or CFO/consultant and helping individuals succeed rank high on the list.   While he is great at identifying and executing the detailed nuts and bolts crucial for any project or task, he loves and excels at thinking strategically across all aspects of an enterprise or the life of an individual, with creative, outside the box solutions to improving profitability, financial management, cash flow, business development and implementing the strategy across the organization while saving time, increasing revenues and profits, avoiding pitfalls and reducing risk – all while improving quality of life.

For a description of specific accomplishments for the Companies David has served, please visit David’s Linked-In Profile for a summary of his career or for a detailed summary, click here for a PDF of his Detailed Profile.

If you would like more information about what we can do for you, if you would like to schedule an initial free consultation, or if you just have a comment or question, please use this form to let us know.  Thank you!


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