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As our Christmas card to you and your family, we would like to give you a free Christmas song by Wendy called “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear/O Holy Night”.

To listen and/or download it for free, check out these options:
1. Wendy’s site at & click on “Music”
2. Go to Wendy’s Music Blog/Site. It includes a YouTube video to listen and a Noisetrade link to download the song.
3. Go directly to YouTube.
4. Download it directly for free on Noisetrade:

We’re launching new ministry to Baby Boomers, their families and their grandkids, starting with regular indie releases from Wendy James and Wendy and the James Gang through Living Rock Family Outreach (a 501(c)(3) ministry).

Watch for Wendy’s “Songs and Blogs” throughout the year and enjoy celebrating the best songs of the Christian faith, new creations and fresh fun Bible songs for kids!

Please feel free to forward this to all of your family and friends.

We wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! God bless!

With love,
The James Family


Here’s my latest post on  It’s about Demographics.  Please note that the Comprehensive Demographic Report mentioned is applicable to any industry or use, not just Dental.

Demographics – 5 Reasons Why Every Dental Practice Should Review Their Demographic Data Right Now





This is one Forbes author’s list of Top 100 Inspirational Quotes on Leadership

My heart is heavy today for those experiencing loss as a result of the Oklahoma tornadoes.  Tragedies are hard, but with all the ministry we did for kids, it really hurts to see them and their families suffer.

Wendy’s house was hit by a tornado as a child (she made it to the storm cellar with only seconds to spare).  Thankfully, no one was injured, but it had a profound effect on her for a long time.  We had some close calls growing up in Indiana and I had frequent recurring tornado nightmares up through my early teen years.

But I can only imagine what these people and others who have been devastated before in tragedies have gone through.  We pray for strength, hope and healing.

This also also brought back the memories of Newtown…Boston…9/11.   So often in times of tragedy, there is an initial huge outpouring of support and help, which is awesome, but when the dust settles and other events start to dominate the news cycle is when those affected really need prayer and support.

Let’s not forget to also remember those who are still dealing with the scars and memories of past tragedies and losses.

Wendy wrote a Wendy & the James Gang song that we often used to close our shows.  It’s called “We Will Pray for You”.  I meant to share this song after Newtown and I didn’t get it done.  I don’t want to make the same mistake again.

Please join us…

We will pray for you…through the wind and the rain, and the sunny days, too…with all our love, we will pray for you.

If you know our Wendy & the James Gang background, you know my heart for kids.  Check this out…



If you grew up playing hoops in Indiana like I did, or just live there now, or if you just like the game, this is a wonderful article…especially after the great game last night. Regardless of your team affiliation, that was just fun and great for the Big 10.

All the strange places the author mentions where hoops are set up…barns, haymows, etc – I’ve been there and it brought back some great memories.

I grew up in a township schoolhouse outside of Decatur, IN built in 1896 that my parents renovated…the one time home of the Kirkland Kangaroos!  Until we needed half of the space for family and shop use, we had an indoor half court “gym” that was probably the size of a 3 point shot in today’s college game.  In the day, the Kangaroos played full court on that size.

Being only 6’1 and a member of the all earth team, I knew that a hoops career wasn’t in the cards, but that time did teach me a lot about life and perseverance and hard work.  I became a decent player and had a blast playing the game up until a few years ago, when I gave it up after one last injury…no more of Wendy telling me as I walked out the door “Don’t get hurt!”.

Anyway, while we love Ohio, this made me miss my home.

Here’s the article – great for a snowy Sunday and a prelude to the big game…Enjoy!