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If you grew up playing hoops in Indiana like I did, or just live there now, or if you just like the game, this is a wonderful article…especially after the great game last night. Regardless of your team affiliation, that was just fun and great for the Big 10.

All the strange places the author mentions where hoops are set up…barns, haymows, etc – I’ve been there and it brought back some great memories.

I grew up in a township schoolhouse outside of Decatur, IN built in 1896 that my parents renovated…the one time home of the Kirkland Kangaroos!  Until we needed half of the space for family and shop use, we had an indoor half court “gym” that was probably the size of a 3 point shot in today’s college game.  In the day, the Kangaroos played full court on that size.

Being only 6’1 and a member of the all earth team, I knew that a hoops career wasn’t in the cards, but that time did teach me a lot about life and perseverance and hard work.  I became a decent player and had a blast playing the game up until a few years ago, when I gave it up after one last injury…no more of Wendy telling me as I walked out the door “Don’t get hurt!”.

Anyway, while we love Ohio, this made me miss my home.

Here’s the article – great for a snowy Sunday and a prelude to the big game…Enjoy!